Phantosmia Act II: Dark With Sparks

by Alice In Space

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released May 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Alice In Space Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Flame (Burning Up Reprise)
I'm burning up
I'm burning up

Tell her she's a spark of fire
And she'll glow
Her heart will be the sound of beating
Hands against drums
As water rushes through her ears
You'll feel the pounding on the floor
Perfect with the rhythm
Of galloping horses
Of the quaking earth
Her eyes will burn with sunlight
As the universe turns
Your words, flooded with colors
Take shape and find soul
For when you say, "It's possible"
She'll know

I can see now you've been living in a crazy fantasy
Your mermaids are just whores and your pirate's not free
I've been waiting too long for you to call out my name
You want the ocean to burn? I'll show you a flame...
Track Name: The Sirens
Track Name: Scarface
No one can look at me now
With a face of molten rock, not the beauty I once was
No one will understand now
It's too much of a shock what a third-degree burn does

This changes everything
No more underwater dancing
No more oil to soothe the sting
This ends my days of enchanting
(All I have left is a voice to sing)

Fire, fire burning bright
Hear the wish I wish tonight
Take my Black and take my White
And kill them both with your sunlight

This is the price I had to pay for that taste of passion play
To let all evil turn away and keep misfortune well at bay

Yes I know that you were heartless
Still I would not want to hurt you
Even if there was occasion
For your agony would pass
Now I shield my face in darkness
There is no one left to turn to
But the mask of this abrasion
In a room with one-way glass

Rain, rain go away
I'm longing for a clearer day
So I can burst into flames!

Fire, fire burning bright
In the darkness, in the light
Watch me gaze into the sky
And mock its tearful imagery
Track Name: Valentino
Something in the air has got me confused
I know you see perfectly well that I've been abused
But the black of your hair and the blue of your eyes reminds me...
We are the disenchanted, we've been torn, we've been used
That's why it's clear that our lives have been fatefully fused
Now the light of the stars that conceives our disguise, it blinds me...

Years ago I fell
Now I am bound by a spell

Write it out, and I'll sing aloud
And we'll tear inhibitions down
And they'll be the best audience around
'Cause we'll make them feel...

I was so close to abandoning this vision
'Til you gave me a breath to make an eminent decision
Now I'm awaiting the curtain call so we can start the show
It's a good thing you and I both have excellent ambition
Never thought I'd find a savior in this musical magician
Dark, handsome, and tall
You make it easier to let go

I fooled myself by thinking I could just surrender
Now I must replace these dull shadows with shiny dark splendor

Write it out and I'll sing aloud
And we'll tear inhibitions down
And they'll be the best audience around
'Cause we'll make them feel like dancing

Let it out! Come on, make me proud!
And we'll tear all their buildings down
And we'll be the ones who will make 'em drown
In their own tears

He can't smell the smoke
See my face in the mirror
Hear the beating of the drums
Take his senses, make them clearer
Find his soul and bring it nearer
(And while we are pretending)
Take my doubts and my fears
Give me a reason to sing

In your mind, I am so intoxicating
In your dreams, I fascinate
Make me a star, we'll be a team
So we can swim in this dream
Track Name: Free Man
Suddenly I know what it feels like to be delusional
A canvas of white painted colorful
Now I catch the lingering scent of my betrayal
A vibrant world turned back to greyscale

I would rather be cursed forever as long as you're free

I wanted to be seen among the stars
But when I imagine you behind the bars
I would choose to be curse forever as long as you're free

There's a voice inside my head
Telling me that I'm alive
And I want to believe that it's true
But sometimes I feel
That I'm not even real
Just a voice in someone's head
That they never listen to
Track Name: Boneshakers (Mermaids in the Sky)
Blackbird, you are worth more than to be hidden there
The night is gone and you are still dreaming
Blackbird, you may be broken but you're still alive
Don't wait for daylight to revive your senses

At night I am chaos
Wings without bodies fluttering around with no place to land
And these letters the only bones to hold them together
Or else I would fall to pieces
Collapsing in the darkness
My muse fighting with my dreams and winning
And a subtle voice wondering when...
When will I see them again?

At home I am madness
Particles of dust scattered in all directions
Overlapping undercurrents
Waves snapping
Tensions bursting
Lands collapsing
Infinite meadows so, so thirsty
Reaching out with millions of tentacles
And grasping nothing
Just brushing past the imaginary letters
And drowning out the soft, dreamy voices
Broken and fading
Until the darkness is gone
And the sun has risen
And there is nothing to be done

Now the letters come
Asking if I've lost or if I've won

You may be a falling star
Beautiful and bright yet so, so far
See the love you've caged within your own soul
Let it out, and feed your bones

Light it up
Light it up
Light it up
Light it up

But the muse is silent
The dream's asleep
And the only thing left is a hazy meadow
Screaming "Feed your bones"
So, so hungry
And a subtle voice wondering how...
How am I going to make it to the other side?

Shake it up, shake it up
Keep rattling the cages
And wake it up, wake it up
Mermaids in the sky
Oh, raise it up! Raise it up!
See the clouds around us
We're shaking our bones now
Taking back our thrones
In the stratospheric zone
Melody, you are not alone

Oh, Blackbird
Don't be afraid to break out of your cell (spell)
Track Name: Out of the Ashes
I look into a mirror and I see my spirit break
Voices reach my ears, their breath upon me 'til I wake
And they say "Why do you hide in the night?"

Clouds forming above me as I'm lying on the sand
You may never love me, but I've begun to understand
I've been a star, I've been a dove, I've spent my life swimming to land
But this is not what I had planned...

Digging deeper into mantel as a burning coal
Stir you from the inside somehow to ignite your soul
I wonder why did I hide from the light all this time?

Words becoming clearer and my head's starting to ache
Thunder drawing nearer warning of an earthquake
And I say:

What would become of me if I broke my own spell?
Would I wake from this dream I have come to love so well?
Will I be in paradise or descend into hell?
Will I be standing where I fell?

I have been shaken, I have been torn
I have been burned and I have been worn
I sunk into darkness and I have mourned my friend
Now in this storm, I am born again

Out of the ashes, out of the dust
No longer a siren driven by lust
Now I am a firebird calling your name
Lighting the sky up in flames!

I am an ocean, yet I'm burning up inside
Always in motion, yet you are always still
I cannot stir you and believe me I have tried
I want you to love me, yet I know you never will

You cannot see and you cannot smell
You'll never be free and I'm bound by a spell
But now I'm an ocean that's risen too high
A bird who has finally learned how to fly
I am the lightning piercing the sky!
I am the source of the glass in your eye!
And I say:

In my mind, you are so intoxicating
In my dreams, YOU FASCINATE
But in my world, you're just a dream
I am real and I am free
Track Name: Song of Shadows (Epilogue)
In the shadows of a past life
All the mysteries in my heart tell me to find you in the dark
But all these shadows blur my visions
And I'm fading in the dark
I cannot see you as I feel you in my heart

Somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my brain
Buried in the cracks where I am terminally insane
Where all sense of the center is supposed to be maintained
And yet chaos reigns
Fills me, drains me
And I'm not even me, I'm just a particle of energy
Something less than sensory, only just a memory
Creator and creation existing in synergy
The forces of nature, in the past and in the future
And us humans just minutia
Whether we win or lose
We are nothing more than atoms with a pointless point of view

I can't see you, I can't see you
In the dark, in the dark
And I'm alone now
I can't see you, I can't see you
In the dark, in the dark
And I'm alone now

What if all we see is a figment of imagination?
Accidental vibrations - a blooper of creation
And we're all just frustratingly reaching toward stagnation
But this stimulation claims us
And we have to see, have to be
Have to believe in something greater than damnation
Or simplistic formations
We want to be eternal, yet we hate to just be
Carnal burning dust and ashes
Gases in the past and in the future huge masses
No! We want a sense of hopefulness and purpose in this world
That's why sometimes we pray to ourselves and hope somebody heard
Believing in the word and basking in the brilliance
Of our own special existence (even if it's just coincidence)
Either we ask for deliverance
Or even if we try not to be affected by this influence
We want our impending doom to have some significance
To make some sense
Not simply to be floating in a never-ending room

Can you hear me, can you feel me
In the dark in the dark
You're not alone now
Can you hear me, can you feel me
In the dark, in the dark
You're not alone now (you're not alone)

Now I'm drifting in a wasteland, deep in space
And I'm faceless and hating every moment of this race
To the top of the mountain, to the end of the line
We don't need to win to be a part of the Divine
We can shine every day in the words that we say
In the music we play and the gifts we give away
We're all going up in flames in a moment anyway
Burning up inside 'til the end of our days
Try not to hide, you can't escape it so embrace it
Believe in the grace that you exhibit and face your fears
What else are we here for but to live as many years as our love is long?
So sing your song and dance your dance
Find passion and compassion in beauty and romance
Because we might not have another chance
To be a piece of the puzzle
This is our mission: to envision a collision of existence and cognition
No division, just a decision to let go and be One Heart
One Soul under the Sun, and part of the Earth
Life to Death - until Birth
When we can rise out of the ashes and start singing and screaming
So we can love and be loved
And never stop dreaming

I can't see you, but I can hear you
In the dark, in the dark
I'm not alone now
I can't see you, but I can feel you
In the dark, in the dark
I'm not alone now

Yes, I can hear you and I can feel you
In the dark, in the dark
We're not alone now
In these shadows all my visions
Come to life within a spark
Of all the voices of these lovers in the dark

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